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We want to celebrate with you and your neighbours.

Updated: May 9, 2019

This promotion is now closed.

We have just launched and what better way to celebrate then by giving away a bit of cash to you and your neighbours to enjoy on Neighbours Day.

Neighbours day is coming up really soon. It is being celebrated between the 22nd to 31st March this year (2019). We want you and your neighbours to get together and have a really great time with a bit of help from us. We are taking what we think is a really great idea by the Albert-Eden Local Board and spreading it to other communities.

We want to give away 3 x $150.00 to people/groups that are organising a neighbours day get together in a few weeks time. It's a small amount but it can have mighty results. It could be used towards a bouncy castle for the kids or maybe even some cool prizes as part of a street treasure hunt, or it could be used towards buying some material to build a swing in that awesome tree down the road on Neighbours Day. (don't worry we wont tell anyone if you don't).

Simply comply with / met the criteria below, which are similar to those set out by the Albert-Mt Eden Local board and then email us your details and how you intend on using the money, and we will transfer the money to use as promised. Easy as that.

This will strictly be on a first in, best dressed basis. So be quick there's not much time.

Application criteria:

  • Must live outside the Albert-Eden Local Board area (Sorry we want to spread this great idea to other parts and communities in Auckland, that ave not had this opportunity before.)

  • That the event takes place between 22 March and 31 March 2019 (allowances will be made for rain interruption etc)

  • That ten or more households in your street are invited to participate (We will need to see some evidence of this)

  • No part of the funds awarded shall be used towards the purchase of alcohol, cigarettes or similar.

  • The activity or event must be a street-based activity for you and your neighbours and must take place on at least one street where the majority of residents reside (one event per street event).

  • You consent to or are able to take photos of the event and provide these to HUE by the 7th April 2019

  • Must be able to place a HUE flag(s) in a prominent location within the confines of your event, including any other materials such as brochures that HUE will supply.

  • You do not object to HUE attending your event, or HUE taking photos during their attendance.

Submit your application here

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